FOSDEM presentation video + slides

Finally FOSDEM organizers got to the videos of embedded devroom and at least my video got published ok. Pardon for my voice level, it was probably due to the microphone being too close my neck. Anyways here is the video + slides link below:   Advertisements

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Thoughts on freedom of Ethereum

After having seen the first seeds sowed to the idea of distributed platforms as the next viable step of the free Internet, my observations have been fixated on the speed of development in which everything happens. IPFS and Ethereum are at my radar thus far. Much more to come, I’m sure of that. Both projects […]

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Glacier UI homescreen on Jolla

PLEASE NOTE!Tampering with custom repositories on Jolla might leave you with a bricked device, please take care to follow instructions and do this only if you really know what you are doing! This requires developer mode to be enabled on your device.THERE WILL BE BUGS! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!PLEASE NOTE!First, download a couple of RPM […]

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